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Bypass geo-restrictions using a VPN server
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Access websites that are blocked in particular countries. Conceal your IP address and replace it with the one your pick from 20 various countries, including Ireland, the USA, Sweden, or Italy. Listen to Pandora music tracks and watch Netflix movies with no geo-restrictions.

Nowadays, browsing the Internet has become a daily activity. Whether we are connected to social media services or just searching for random information, we are online every day. Because of that, we are exposed to all sorts of online threats. One way to protect your identity and your personal information is to use a virtual private network. This is where TunnelBear comes in handy.

TunnelBear is a program that helps users to protect their identity and add extra security to data transfers that occur between their PCs and the remote server.
This way, users can browse the web without being worried that their data might get stolen by third parties.

In order to use TunnelBear, you have to download the program, install it and then create an account. Once you've done these, you just have to log in to your account and select a country from the drop-down list menu. This way, the program creates a fake IP address from the selected country, thus offering you, as a user, a private and safe connection.

With TunnelBear, with only one click, you can connect to over 20 countries all around the world, thus overcoming any geographical restrictions. The connection speed stays decent, though it mainly depends on your ISP. In case the connection fails, there's a Diagnose mode that helps users to fix any encountered issues.

To sum up, TunnelBear is a useful software that protects your identity when browsing the Internet. It has a simple but modern interface, very intuitive. The only downside is that the free version allows for 500MB traffic per month only.

John Saunders
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  • Has a Diagnose mode for connection issues
  • Offers connection to over 20 countries


  • Users need to create an account to use it
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